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I would say that Judy has it right, graceful sheer and camber are necessary, not flat construction like some of the recent "barge boats" that an unnamed cruise line is building. Tasteful gingerbread, a curving grand stairway up to the saloon is very important. I like lots of brass-work myself.
And I am very old-school; a Pittman-powered real stern-wheel, preferably steam-- although I realize that adds expense and other complications, but it also allows one other feature that I think is important; a well-voiced Calliope (and a good player)!
As to size, etc. that depends on the area and usage. If you have no cabins on-board, than, yes, you are tied to shore lodging (hmm, that would negate the modern idea of cruising at night, so the passengers would see more of the river!!). Also, good food is important, critical actually. And I would prefer "down home" entertainment as opposed to a "really big shew" as Ed would say. And a good Riverlorian, like Toots or Travis or Mary for any long trips is a real requirement!
I realize that most of this flies against modern "blue-water" thinking, but dang it! This ain't blue water!!
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