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Default Modern Age Steamboat Architecture

Hello all,

Here's some food-for-thought during these bleak winter months. In the modern day, what architectural and engineering features make a successful, historically accurate, and modestly sized steamboat?

Take for instance vessels such as the SPIRIT OF PEORIA, JULIA BELLE SWAIN, and TWILIGHT. All three have operated successfully (excluding a few unfortunate years for the SWAIN) doing short 1 to 5 day cruises. Each vessel's cruises are reliant of onshore facilities such as hotels for passenger lodging, but IMHO are the most aesthetically pleasing vessels on the rivers today.

If I am excluding any similar vessels, please bring them up in the discussion.

If you were to design a similar vessel, how would you do it? What onboard features do these vessels share? What are their differences? What features of each would you incorporate into a new vessel, and which would you exclude? Consider things such as superstructure length, hull characteristics like length and width, passenger capacity, saloon features, propulsion, etc.

In other words, what features from these three vessels and other similar steamers make up the 'ideal' modern day steamboat?

W.R. Dancey
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