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*RE: Str. MARION of 1895/Model building*
Morning, Mike and Steamboating colleagues,
Yes, indeed your MARION of 1895 appears in WAY'S STEAMBOAT DIRECTORY.' Pg. 156 of his directory list three vessels named MARION [One the MARION S.].

Your MARION of 1895 has a short, concise entry on Pg. 156, Entry No. T1722:
"Stw. tb [tow boat] 1895-1931 built Keokuk IA, 93 X 18 X 3. Belonged to USE, Rock Island, on the upper Mississippi until they sold her on May 29, 1931 to W.A. Cooley of Chicago, IL for $600. She was the first boat through the Hennepin Canal, arriving at Rock Island, IL jon November 15, 1907." END.

No doubt others on this web from up in those waters may know more or have photos. The ending cost of $600 in 1931 caught my attention. No idea but I suspect the MARION was possibly in pretty poor condition. The year 1931 also in those horrible early years of the Great Depression when much went BUST with many boats/ships being sold, retired, broken up due to financial stress. I totally agree with Bob Reynolds in his help to you above to consult with John Fryant, find a copy of the book by Alan Bates. Keep us posted on what you find and the progress of your project. Good luck!

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