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Thank you Dale for your input. I started to post something about not receiving any reply whatsoever a few days ago, but, like you, I get feed back about "not being with the program" or that I'm a "naysayer".
I believe that not getting a reply speaks volumes. Apparently not much went on over the summer. Hopefully with the cooler fall weather work will begin again.
My thoughts about getting the bill moving through congress....if I had ownership in the boat, I would mount a grass roots effort much as Betty Blake and Muster did. Every major river city has a Propeller Club, Power Squadron, Coast Guard Auxillary, Harbor Association and/or LIMA group. These are all made up of river interested people and people who have power and influence. I would be out going up and down the river speaking to all those groups I could. The members of those groups have more "swaying power" with their congressional representatives than going to Washington and taking a few beaurocrats out for a night of drinking.
I would at least give it a try, what they've been doing doesn't seem to be working too well.
But what do I know?
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