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Default Dinner cruise

Day 2 ended with the dinner cruise on the roof of the NATCHEZ. I narrated and then was able to sit on the roof the rest of the trip due to a cooling breeze and less humidity. It was actually quite pleasant, and of course the sounds of the Dukes of Dixieland directly below me on the Texas Deck made it even nicer. The sun sets here about an hour earlier than at home, so it had pretty much gone under by the time we turned around and headed back upriver into it. But at 8:30 we were approaching Algiers Point, facing the lights of the city across the river, a beautiful scene. The river is high but dropping, about 13 feet. Doc always says it is trickier at 13 than at higher levels (got to 15 this summer), and that was obvious as we slid through a few boils, especially on the landing approach. For those not familiar with the N.O. harbor, there is an upstream eddy from Algiers Bend up to the bridges, which is why the NATCHEZ docks pointed downstream - she is actually facing the current. If you look at any of the webcams, you'll see unbound traffic come over to the East Bank side to catch that upbound current. So yes, Mrs. Collins my 3rd grade teacher, water DOES flow upstream!!!!!!
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