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Default Real teamwork

Right, Jim! All trips have increased, both the sightseeing and the mainly food dinner cruise, so not just one department can take credit for it. One of the big factors is getting more group tours aboard. NOSCo. owns, at least partially, GrayLines, and that is one route for more boat bookings, but there are many tour groups that book and book again, so they must obviously be pleased with what they experience both leading up to and while on board. Of course the NATCHEZ is kept up well - I often hear women walk into the bathroom and proclaim their surprise at how nice it is (must have been expecting the open toilets of the 1950s AVALON)! Having the most famous Dixieland band left in town, the Dukes of Dixieland, as the house (boat) band since 1994 is certainly a plus too. Duke Heitger and friends as the Steamboat Stompers have live music on the day trips too, so there is music, music, music along with the narration/sightseeing/food. And something which never gets mentioned in advertising, but the safety factor. All the NATCHEZ' Masters and Pilots have FirstClass license and years of experience handling the boat in the 'war zone' that is the New Orleans Harbor.
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