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Default Live from the N.O. Levee

Well, actually from the NATCHEZ lazy bench. With the heat index hitting 110 yesterday on my arrival, I decided to ride this trip in the air conditioned pilothouse. Capts. Don Houghton and Steven Nicoulin are on watch today. I brought a small album of pix from 1984, my first summer on the boat. Capt. Steven was 2 months old then.needless to say, with the temp as it is, things are on slow bell. But doc played 3 concerts yesterday on this hot roof, I am going to post a couple videos on Facebook from his 5:30 concert. The River is 13,1 and finally falling. Normally August stage is around 3 feet. I don't plan to head to Houma this visit, as the DQ isn't airconditioned these days.having trouble posting more than one pix. This is the view from the lazy bench, Capt. Steven Nicoulin is on the other side of the chair back, and the city skyline CBD, is ahead to the left of the pix. We are up bound by the Algiers Avondale Northrup etc. small shipyard.
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