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Default Viking, whoopee, amenities

I'm not a big herb fan, much rather have the mint for the juleps. As to solar panels, I sat in the sun all day storing up enough solar energy and sunburn to last the whole trip. Does the Viking walking track come with calliope encouragement?????
The one thing that I would change on the DQ from my days is the bunk beds. I had difficulty getting up on the top one years ago and no way would I make it now. Making all those regular bunk bed rooms singles would not be cost effective - but it sure would be nice to have a few for singles without punishing us for having that status. Several rooms on the Texas 207,209 and the corresponding starboard ones for sure had the extra wide lower berth and a regular top bunk. I'd say that lower is comparable to today's twin xl. While it wouldn't be the most desirable size, that lower berth held two people OK (my parents) back in the day. Of course 338 etc. are a bit narrower rooms, but hey what is the difference between walking in a 24 inch area to the 'spacious' bathroom or walking in an 18 inch area? I realize this idea in no way fits the grandeur that today's boats publicize, but I don't think the DQ's reentry should try to make her 'just like everyone else'. She could be the GCG to the new DQ in 1949....
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