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Default Not the case

Jim, as you have been told several times before, this 10% reduction is nothing new. The Delta Queen has been undergoing structural fire-load reduction modifications since the 1990's, and you never noticed. All of the sundeck bathrooms and forward cabins, and some of the Texas Deck have been replaced with non combustible materials, with only the visible top surface being paneled in wood. This protects the authentic appearance, while meeting the USCG requirements in order to let the vessel sail. I think you'd be shocked how much of the Delta Queen is non-combustible already.

Like you said, the devil is in the details, and thankfully those who now own the Delta Queen are deep into the details of it. In getting the exemption considered, there had to be some trade-offs. As with any bill, the details will be defined in the legislative language once its passed. It sure beats the alternative of letting the boat sit and rot somewhere because the only way to ensure she survives is to see her sail and generate some revenue.
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