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Originally Posted by Jim Reising View Post
I once helped rehab a porch on an older, Victorian home. The floor on the porch was made of tongue and groove wood. What we found was back when the house was built, the wood was milled to a true 1" thickness, the wood today is milled to about 3/4" thickness (kinda like today a 5lb bag of sugar contains 4 lbs). We had to get specially milled tongue and groove to replace the rotten wood in the porch. Has the DQ rehab run into this kind of problem?

When speaking with Captain Mike yesterday about how the boat is progressing and such, I posed your question to him. He provides the following:

"We were able to find tongue and groove wood of the correct thickness, which is referred to as 5/4" (in reality is is 1-1/8"), but it was not of the correct width.

Our ships carpenter, DJ, who is quite the skilled craftsman, then took the planks and ripped them down to the correct width, and cut the grooves back in using the on-board table saw."

Given Captain Mike's long history with the boat, and the fact he began his career on her as the boat's carpenter in 1980, hes just the man for the job and knows where to look and find the correct materials.

So in short...yes we have run into "issues" finding the correct wood, but nothing that hasn't been easily overcome.
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