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I had become a lurker due to the amount of overtime required at work. But I've had to log back on to say publicly how encouraging the news from the DELTA QUEEN has been for the last several months, from the purchase by folks who care, Cornel and Cindy Martin, Randy and Leah Ann Ingram, Mike and Liz, Dean and his wife, etc., to these photos of the special care and work being done to her by Captain Mike and his crew, and all in between who are making this possible. What a glorious day! As Steamboat Mary always says, she draws to her who she needs. How true! Hopefully one of the last the hurdles will be history soon, in that Congress will do the right thing and grant the exemption she needs to run again. Many, many thanks to all involved in bringing this last authentic steampowered overnight passenger boat back to life again. We loved Chattanooga and the nice folks who cared for her there, but this new chapter is exciting beyond words! Long Live the DELTA QUEEN!
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