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Default Goldenrod Showboat Update

Hi everyone, just wanted to drop in and update everyone. The last fundraiser went very well and it has been a busy month or so aboard the Goldenrod Showboat. Myself and the caretaker team have been pumping water from the hull, we have about 8 more inches of water to pump to be done. We have been also cleaning the interior of the boat. We have had several events aboard the boat recently and they went very well. Myself and Jake Medford built a ramp from the landing barge to the boat that makes getting on board so much easier now. I will be building a second ramp from the bank to the landing barge very soon.The Illinois river has been dropping and once again we find the boat on a bit of a tilt due to it being so close to the bank.

I do want to make mention of an event coming up soon and i hope many of you will help support us by participating in this event.GiveSTLDay is Tuesday, May 5, 2015 and it will be a big day for the Historic Riverboat Preservation Association and nearly 800 other local area nonprofits. On Tuesday, May 5, be part of Give STL Day and make a difference in St. Louis!

Give STL Day is a 24-hour giving event with local impact. Donate to the nonprofits working on the causes YOU care about. More than 790 nonprofit organizations have signed up to participate and will be raising much needed dollars with your help! You can go to to get more information and you can find us under St Louis County listings of non for profits. Also our direct link to give a donation that day is

If you care anything about our efforts please donate on that day and spread the word. I will be back soon with more updates and information concerning our efforts to save the historic legendary Goldenrod Showboat. I uploaded a few picture of the ramp myself and Jake built. For those who don't know Jake he is in the red shirt and yours truly is in the greenish yellow shirt! Till next time thanks for taking the time to read this post!
Sincerely Wayne
Lead caretaker of the Goldenrod Showboat
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