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*'Stogie' White GOOGLED*
Steamboating colleagues,
Morning, Bob. Thanks for the above including the link to click, pull up the "trascript of a taped memoir." No doubt something on my end I'm not doing right as I click but can't get it to open. I'll work with it later. Perhaps I need more time so it can fully open, download for viewing.

No doubt many to most here on either didn't know, didn't hear about 'Stogie' White as he one of the other 'old timers' dating way, way back. He was a character for sure ranking as one of the 'grand originals' as I term them. I heard somebody going on about how wonderful so and so was on the boats. Then one veteran who knew/worked under him say, "Ummmm, is THAT the same person I knew?" And then there are others now long, long gone but not forgotten. The message here is to seek the old timers out [Few to any left now], talk to them, ask questions, ask them to share for viewing photos or documents--especially the old time steamboat business materials. Again, what do I know?

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