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*Capt. Judd's instant response*
Bill, this now really 'spooky' with you reading the above, responding so quickly as I ate three chocolate cookies with a glass of milk. Now, gang, you have "the rest of the story" from one who was there and remembered. Stogie one of those lucky enough to see, experience the end of an era from the JOHN W. HUBBARD down to the DELTA QUEEN. 'Something' I now vaguely recall hearing was that Stogie was given reign by Capt. Tom to do his job with all that entailed with some later harboring a few bruises and scars. Neither Stogie nor Tom Greene suffered fools lightly.

I yanked that brown manila out with the photos from Capt. C.W. Stoll and there is Capt. Volney E. "Stogie" White snapped in a rather casual to humorous pose on a boat [It isn't the DELTA QUEEN] with his foot on on a cleat, cap tilted, coat unbuttoned and open with hand in his pocket and that cigar in his mouth as he half-smiles to a near laugh in the camera. Now that was a LONG time ago. I had totally forgotten about the "Capt. Stogie White Light, Ohio River mile 344.2 on the left bank." Thanks Bill for the information. Ummm...errrrr...YOU "over the hill?"

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