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Capt. Stogie White

I almost hate to admit it but I knew Capt. Stogie White very well and that places me in the 'over the hill" group. He and my Dad were great friends. Capt. White was born in 1901 and died in July, 1966. He lived most of his life in Cincinnati and had a son, William.

Capt. White and Capt. Tom Greene went to school together here in Cincinnati.
Fred Way said " Stogie was as close to being a Greene as anybody other than a blood relative".

Capt. White served as clerk on the Packet John W. Hubbard, played in the band on the Island Queen, long served as Master of the Str. Chris Greene, Purser on the Gordon C. Greene's first season. As the Greene Line shrunk, Capt. White joined the Steamboat Inspection Service and after it merged into the U.S.C.G he joined Neare, Gibbs & Co. as a marine surveyor. He did fill in often as Master of the Str. Delta Queen in the early years.

He had a ATON aid, the Capt. Stogie White Light named for him at Ohio River mile 344.2 on the left bank.
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