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*Capt. Volney E. 'Stogie' White*
Good evening Bob & Steamboating colleagues,
Bob, I knew "Stogie" White from the time I was a kid on. Capt. Bill Judd knows even more for sure. "Stogie" came from his cigar stub in his mouth. Stogie was indeed thick in the midst of the old GREENE LINE a long time and longer than we remember. He was one party guy for sure. I seem to remember that, I 'think,' Stogie ended up with and spent a number of years with the NEARE GIBBS marine underwriters here in Cincinnati. Bill Judd will know for sure. Stogie also a side-kick of Capt. Tom Greene. I can't remember--and doubt--if Stogie was a member of Capt. Tom's little rat trap band making music on the boats or out at their camp on the Little Miami River. Stogie did serve on the GORDON C. GREENE and possibly the TOM GREENE, CHRIS GREENE. It does sound familiar about his time in either the U.S. Navy or the Coast Guard. The late Capt. C.W. Stoll knew Stogie and some years back handed me a clutch of river/steamboat photos with a much younger Stogie pictured. This all in my dusty boxes. Like many other steamboat men, Stogie in time saw the writing on the wall and moved on to business: insurance, banking, accounting, mercantile, building and loan organizations etc. This evident through the years going way back in steamboat history. Stogie appeared quite a bit down on the DELTA QUEEN to visit through the years as I recall talking with Mrs. Letha C. Greene.

The late Capt. John Beatty also a staunch friend of his and perhaps the last person to see Stogie alive. They attended some function or dinner here in town. Everybody parted company as usual going separate ways. Stogie made it to near his car in a big enclosed parking garage only to promptly keel over. And that was it. His funeral/burial up here in our Mt. Washington Cemetery, Cincinnati. At the time I had a very 'spooky' feeling seeing his grave plot within a few steps near an ancient spreading cedar tree adjacent to our family plots. His marker stone very low with just his name, birth/death using his nick name "Stogie." I never met or knew his wife as I think they possibly were separated. If he had children I knew not. This about all I recall off the cuff tonight without pulling out a file and old photos. I'll keep digging and drive in the cemetery here tomorrow to seek out his grave. His age? Not sure but assume in/around his 70s [74?]. Bill Judd could nail it when he reads these postings.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati
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