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Steamboating colleagues:
First, thanks to Judy for posting the great period folders from the C.T. Co. That's a skill I've not yet bothered to fiddle with.

You all are on the money asking about the boats being 'Express service.' There were scheduled stops, as mentioned, but within a few years and by on/around 1930 not only had hours for sailing changed but way stops were dropped. Rio Vista was one that remained on schedules year after year. One ominous cloud on the steamboat horizon on the Sacramento was the increasing use of the rail service along the river in addition to highways. At times U.S. Mail contract bags, officers, crew and passenger were forced to either meet or leave the boats by rail or car along the way. Stan Garvey and John Burns talked of the incident with a legislator at the state house in Sacramento aboard one of the QUEENS with his cronies. He was needed for an emergency vote and a car was sent to rouse him up and get him off the boat and back for a tight political decision.

The famed stained glass domes on both boats are interesting. Dick Rutter out in California informed me some years ago that one of the domes was removed at Antioch and has been standing duty as a 'hot house' for vegetables by an out building on private property. The one from the QUEEN removed at DRAVO is rumored to be in good condition in private hands just across from Cincinnati in northern Kentucky.

R. Dale Flick
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