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Default pix of DQ interior California

Well, that was unusually easy to find for a change. The first pix shows the forward tapestry. This would be midship, by the puzzle table now, rooms 109 110 or so offhand. The second pix is of course the Grand Staircase, but note the wooden bulkhead and leaded glass doors forward of the Staircase. This forward part of the now Forward Cabin Lounge was the Gentlemen's Smoking Lounge. When you're aboard, go to the port side about 20 feet forward of the Purser's Office. Look up at the ceiling and you'll see a horseshoe-shaped beam. This was where the standing bar was located. Dick Simonton pointed that out to me on the 1976 organ society trip. The third pix is looking forward from the front end of the now BB Lounge. This was the Dining Room in California. The photographer is by room 104 looking forward and to the port side. The sun's rays kind of blot out the Purser's Office, which is what it was back then too. Today's Gift Shop was the Barber Shop in the '20s. I'm looking at that wonderful deck plan on pp. 26-27 of 'Saga' right now, and that horseshoe-shaped bar shows up.
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