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*Editorial letter/Aerial pixs of Houma*
Steamboating colleagues,
Judy, many thanks for the link to your published Editorial Letter along with the link to Houma viewed on the high level geodedic camera. Nice letter to say the least. The power of just one Editorial Letter carries great weight often more than a dozen articles. Now I have a good idea of the area around Houma where the DQ is docked. Never been down in that neck of the woods. The camera view from way, way up can be pulled in by + or - for a good view.

I went in for more detail on where the DQ is docked at 3639 Industrial Ave. in Houma at the 'aggregates' business. The local newspaper at Houma is: carrying the recent article with history, plans and interview of Mr. Martin. I had to click, click until I honed in on the article.
Again, thanks.

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati
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