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Default Big article in Davenport paper

This news earned a front page banner headline today in the QuadCityTimes. (They did run a small article last week about the DQ purchase.) Mayor Gluba is standing on the Skywalk, commonly known as the Bridge to Nowhere, because that is where it goes. It connects to absolutely nothing, but is a great viewing area for flood pictures. The one interesting thing I find in the article, besides the AQ being in the drawing, is that Viking might stop 2 times a week during their 19 week cruising season. I presume that would mean there would be 2 different boats on the UMR all season. Wow. I hope they can make this work, but my mind is spinning trying to figure out where all these passengers are going to come from, especially if the rates are similar to ACL or AQ. Last year's AQ trips came through here at roughly 50% filled, and who knows how many of those were 2for1. Their first trip this season in NOLA was also around 50%...I just know that at a minimum of $500 a day, $600 for a single, that I'm not in anyone's passenger range anymore...
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