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Here´s another article stating that the ship owner is Tennenbaum Capital Partners, an LA investment company. Viking is chartering the ships. So it´ll be fully compliant with the Jones Act stuff. See also here.

Actually I don´t have a clue how they do fill up their European ships. I´ve lost track about how many they´ve already launched and are still under construction or announced. According to the article they´re up to 60 ships in Europe (within only a couple of years, 10 to 15 new ships per year was sort of the "average" during the last years).

It´ll be also interesting whether they do sell in Europe. By the end of 2013 Viking closed down it´s German branch and stopped selling on the German market. So they´re only on the US market. They´ve started out buying the river cruise ship branch from K-D (who invented river cruising on the Rhine river). This was followed by a long law suit which just recently was won by K-D - the contract didn´t allow K-D to operate river cruise ships anymore. They only had excursion boats including the former sidewheel steamer Goethe. So actually Viking started out on the German market.

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