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Default I'm Not An Expert, But I Can Help

I'm no expert on this topic... though, I do have a fairly large field of knowledge on steamboating and rivers. I'd be happy to answer some questions, as I've been loving these boats my whole life, but I'll tell you now, there will likely be a question I cannot answer that could be by someone else on this huge forum. There are many former steamboat crew members, and some other writers on here- though I'm not one of them. Even though I love steamboats and rivers, have not researched enough to know types of steam engines, how this works, how that works, etc. Please reply, though, as I may be of some use for you, and would be happy to solve any of your questions for this "true-story piece" you are creating. I do, however, suggest you contact some more experienced people, like Keith Norrington, Frank X. Prudent, Bob Reynolds, Judy Patsch, and etc. I haven't been on this forum that much compared to them, and their knowledge surpasses that of mine. Last of all, you could also visit my blog River Informer to learn some more, though it offers less info than this forum.
Message me if you need anything,

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