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Default I need an expert!

Hi folks,

Happy to now be a part of this forum. I'm nowhere near experienced at steamboats or, for that matter, any sort of boating, but I am a writer and I'm writing a true-story piece and a Civil War era steamboat is crucial to my story.

I've been doing as much research as I can on the topic. I've been looking and reading about different sorts of steam engines, trying to figure out what each member of the crew did aboard, but I could use some help.

I was wondering if I can utilize one of your brains for this project whenever a steamboat related question pops up? I'd love to be able to interview you, send you pictures and ask what this/that is? You get my point.

I'll also be crawling this forum over the next few months to learn more about steamboats!

The end project is a true-story film and it would shine with your aid.

Thanks for all the help!
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