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Default Some sad B-K House news

I had the privilege of renting the little apartment under the back porch of the Beauregard Keyes House for 23 years. This is the same place where Doc lived until he bought his house in 1978. I gave the place up 4 years ago when a new board member got the idea they could make more money off the apartment and so my rent was raised from $350 to $550 a month. For as little as I was living there, this was too expensive for me. Once the furniture was removed, the amount of repairs which was needed was obvious (Doc had warned them to no avail) - I didn't ask them to fix things, knowing their limited budget and my limited time there, so there was 23 years of wear and tear, and one flooding, to fix. They couldn't afford this, so just have used the apartment for storage since I left. Now they are forcing my neighbor Ott to vacate the large apartment over the slave quarters because it needs new electrical and plumbing, which they apparently can't afford. So there will no longer be anyone living at 1113 Chartres, and there won't be $10,000 in rent coming in to the Foundation yearly. So here are probably the last shots I'll see of my little home away from home.
1) The entrance as viewed from the courtyard.
2) The living room and kitchen
3) The bedroom and bathroom (when the flash went off and that mannequin showed up, it scared me sh..........)
RIP, BK apartments!
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