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1) One of the big changes in the harbor is the operation of the ferry system. It was started and run by the state of Louisiana in lieu of building more bridges. During this year the state turned the operation over to a private company. There no longer is a large car ferry at Canal Street, only the small pedestrian/bike ferry. One car ferry works the Chalmette/Algiers landing down at the lower end of the harbor, and there is no more Jackson Avenue ferry. This car ferry is laid up at their Algiers facility, where another one is being dismantled.
2) Local channel 8 did a feature during their morning show on Debbie Fagnano and the NATCHEZ calliope. Bubba has the link to it posted on his Facebook page. It highlighted the fact that Debbie is in her 25th year playing the NATCHEZ calliope.
3) And this magazine has a cover shot and article of the 'other' NATCHEZ calliope player, CCH - Capt. Clarke C. Doc Hawley. I think this is one of the best pictures I've seen of Doc in recent years. Sorry for the picture posting sideways.
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