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Default Finally some pix from my NOLA visit

I don't know what hit me this week, but I just couldn't get around to posting anything during my stay in New Orleans, maybe I was just lounging in my suite at Le Richelieu too much...
Anyway here are a few shots:
1) there's the half jackstaff as viewed from the pilothouse. It really is noticeably missing when you want to check the flag for wind. The river is at a very low stage, 2.7 ft. so you can see the sandbar emerging from Gov. Nic upriver towards the NATCHEZ. It still has a couple of hundred feet to go to be walkable like I did a couple of years ago to get those unusual headon shots of the NATCHEZ coming in for her landing.
2) At 2.7 feet, the main deck is totally obsured by the wharf and very few people venture down there while we are tied up. This view of the underside of the wharf is one reason there isn't much interest in this level until we get underway.
3) One of the changes this year is converting the Magnolia Suite into the Captain's Salon - sort of a glorified snack bar. About the only physical change was taking the long tables out and putting a few small round standup tables in. I guess you put in an order there and they take it back to the galley to fill. I didn't hang around there to observe operation or traffic. It appears they can still use it for private parties, although I think more changes are planned over layup. When I started working in 1984, I believe it was just a store room for supplies. In earlier years it had been an actual snack bar. Then came the Magnolia Suite incarnation and now the Captain's Salon (name supposedly not as 'feminine' as Magnolia Suite, why that would be important, beats me).
Speaking of the layup, it will be almost the whole month of January. Right in the middle they have to put the boat back together for a special one day charter and then go back into layup mode.
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