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Default Queen of the Mississippi/American Eagle

Yeah, just saw that a minute ago... it does look much like the Queen of the Mississippi. I also noticed the image on the American Cruise Line's twitter page is one of 4 Queen of the Mississippi clones, it seems.
Also, on the topic of American Cruise Lines, Jerry Hay, riverlorian on the AMERICAN QUEEN, told me at the Centennial Festival of Riverboats he won the case that kept the term "riverlorian" from being trademarked for just the ACL's use. He told me it was, "a David and Goliath" situation, as the ACL brought out the big guns in terms of lawyers. Good for Mr. Hay.
Anyways, man the ACL is REALLY pressing it against the other riverboating competition. It's not like things weren't all ready difficult for the poor DELTA QUEEN!
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