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Originally Posted by Bill Judd View Post
Capt. Jerome (Rome) Childers was a well known and respected towboat pilot. He lived, at least in my time, in Charleston, WV. I have two of his paintings and a real fine painting of Cincinnati and the Hatfield-Campbell Creek fleet is on display in the Mason County Library in Pt. Pleasant, WV.

The M/V Prosperity I knew was a diesel sternwheeler, built 1932 at Midland, Pa. Her size was 89 x 22 x 4. Had a Superior diesel of 400 h.p. Built for Earl Webster, sold to Capt. Tom Campbell, in 1941 to Iron City Sand & Gravel and finally in 1957 to Harry Zubik. Out of service in 1963. She was a fixture in the Pittsburgh area. Interested in the connection of your Great-Aunt.
Earl Webster was my Great-Uncle by marriage. I didn't know his name before but I just texted my aunt and she said that was his name. My Great-Aunt was Mildred (Mugrage) Webster. I believe they owned several other riverboats as well. I have quite a few old framed pictures of them in storage but I can't remember the names off-hand.

Did you know any of them or their boats? They both died before I was born.
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