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Thanks for the pics, W.R.! The last time I saw the LONE STAR she was still outside, looking pretty rough. The guage on top of the boilers is a water level gauge -- very important to keep the water level "just right" so that the steam is not too wet, or the boilers don't explode!

I remember a story Capt. C.S. "Rip" Ware used to tell about the LONE STAR. Capt. Ware was pilot on the m/v R.H. McELROY for Pure Oil Co., and it was his first trip up the Upper Mississippi River. This was before the days of VHF radios on all boats, and Capt. Ware came up astern of the LONE STAR. Capt. Rip was "road mapping"; that is, he was running strictly by a chart and radar and searchlight, and he basically had no idea where he was. He said, "I thought, 'oh, boy, there's the ALEXANDER MacKENZIE -- I KNOW he knows where he's going! I'll just follow him!'" After a few miles, the LONE STAR started up in Cordova chute, on his way to the sand and gravel pit. The pilot on the LONE STAR saw Rip start to follow him up there and frantically waved his searchlight out toward the main channel to warn Capt. Rip away from what would have been a not-very-good situation! I miss that old man.
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