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*Stack measure/rust/salvage*
Morning, Buck & S&D colleagues:
Great information about the PLUMUS history and wreck. Then I had a sudden memory jolt. Wasn't this wreck, history given in a presentation for SSHSA's 'ShiPosium' I attended two years ago on the retired nuclear ship N/S/ SAVANNAH in Baltimore with history, PowerPoint?

Again, metal specifications for steamboat stacks in that era differed with what yard or concern constructed the vessel. Even stacks/funnels on ocean ships subject to high temps, heating/cooling, age, weather with rusting and weakening. Old photos showing steamboats with freshly painted black stacks glistening didn't last long. I'd suspect that those stacks could have either rusted away long ago. What facts are known about the wrecked boat being "salvaged" by locals with, no doubt, anything of value/use being hauled away? This one intriguing question requiring steamboat forensics. All of my papers, records, books resting quietly back in Cincinnati with me up here some 600 miles north.

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