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In 1854, the ship was "snagged" and sought to save itself by paddling up an inlet.

In 1970, at the site of the Plumas, a second person has come forward with an eye wittiness sighting.

This fellow, in high water ,was piloting his fishing boat up this inlet and in the trees and jungle,of the Upper Sacramento, and came across a smoke stack with scroll work sticking up in the channel. He brought his boat up against the stack and it was lose and wobbly. He feared it would fall on his boat and retreated. He felt, from his brief encounter it was quite heavy.

This is a very a congested area with vegetation and if this stack was just sheet metal , it might be well past the Golden Gate Bridge by now. But if it is of a substantial gauge and weight, it might be still in the channel somewhere.
I am wondering if this smoke stack might just be nearby further down in the inlet or on its way to Hawaii? Any thoughts??
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