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*1854 Smokestack metal factors*
Hi, Buck & Steamboating colleagues:
Good question RE: " thick or what gauge might the smokestack be [PLUMAS]" and I don't know the answer. Seems this question/discussion cropped up here some years ago with input by our late Alan Bates and others. Also possible mention in an older issue of the S&D REFLECTOR under the hand of Capt. Fred Way. The metal specs certainly wouldn't have been 'tin' or heavy iron pipe we generally think of. Then there would possibly have been another double casing with insulation going down through the decks to the boilers. The stacks on the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE come to my mind now. Stack weight was a consideration even then with the possibility of securing guy wires etc.

There are those here who would possibly know or direct you to the sources: Kenny Howe, Jim Reising, Keith Norrington, Capt. Bill Judd, Tom Schiffer [AKA Cap'n Walnut].

Arrived here at the lake house on mighty Lake Michigan last weekend and just getting all opened, settled in. At times like living on the northern frontier with phone/internet accounts to get turned on. No sighting of black bear around here yet but they are in the area. Regards to all.

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