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Default Queens?

Originally Posted by Travis Vasconcelos View Post
The ALASKA QUEEN was built between 1978 and 1984 by Hal Wilmunder on Sacramento, CA. She features the steam engines from the 1880's built Ohio River steamboat the DETROITER. She was originally named ELIZABETH LOUISE and ran in Sacramento until Hal's untimely death in 2007. His widow (Elizabeth) sold the vessel in 2008 to a group of investors who saw her as an attraction in Ketchikan, AK. They spent a year getting her ready to make the run up there and had a bunch of run-in's with the U.S. Coast Guard (who hadn't inspected a steamboat for Alaskan rivers in over 40 years!). She began her career up there in 2009. After one rather unsuccessful season she was moved to Seattle, WA where she ran until 2012. She is currently for sale... 1984 Custom Built 120 Steam Powered Paddle Wheel Other for Sale (22905) in King County, WA - Specs and Photos - POP Yachts

For the USCG inspection reports, check here. USCG Validation Error Page
Thank you for the great research. Just to be clear from reading the for sale listing; the Queen of Alaska and Queen of Seattle are/were the same?
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