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*W.P. SNYDER 'return' Update*
Steamboating colleagues:
Word from several on-the-spot viewers came in last night and this morning RE: the continuing 'delay' of the Str. W.P. SNYDER's return up the "swift muddy Muskingum River from the Ohio River to her home docking at the Ohio River Museum continues." Fred Rutter, Capt. Fred Way's grandson, one on the spot with his camera. The boat still moored just under the hill from the Lafayette Hotel with the swing bridge closed. No doubt lots of locals milling around viewing the boat or driving on the Ohio River span to the east.

Opinions vary on the SNYDER's appearance since renovation/painting. Forensics experts with the Ohio Historical Society uncovered samples of her original paint scheme for authenticity. Hull and paddlewheel mechanical parts are now painted in a brown primer which could have been the original paint color or later dressed in conventional red. That murky semi-brown/red then lead based paint typical.

SNYDER's $50,000 paddlewheel is still bare wood with some wood softening etc. from water water immersion on the lower buckets. OHS people with research felt her wheel was not always painted. As our Alan Bates used to say, "The crew painted the boats with whatever paint they had needing to be used up when they could." Some companies had hard rules with the paint schemes used on boats then and now. Capt. Fred Way used to say, "There were always 'sailormen' [His period term] going around with scrapers, brushes, paint constantly."

Projections are for, possibly, the SNYDER to be returned to her permanent home this coming Monday if the Muskingum River pool falls within reason. And, as posted above, "Sumpthin' always happenin' on the river." Well, what do I know?

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