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This is one reason I think DQ Pax are a different breed than the Queen of Miss. pax, most of us are there for the experience. Fog?? Choke a Stump, play cards, do puzzles, tell lies on the Texas deck, catch a nap, no biggie! TWO days in Helena?? Well. . . . Listen to Travis play "echo calliope" (if you've not been there, the calliope echos back with quite a delay), explore the antique shops (I bought a copy of "King & Queen of the River" in one there for only a couple of bucks). My biggest complaint with some of the trips was the big hurry to get to the next port so the land tours could be sold. My favorite days were the "steamboatin' days" when we would cruise the river; although I did enjoy the ice cream shops at many of the shore stops!
As I would tell folks back home, we would spend 7 hours at 800mph so we could spend 7 days at 8 mph. Miss those times & miss spinning yarns with you Travis!
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