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Default Delta Queen Room Rack

Until the computer era one of the most iconic features about a hotel was the room rack. Facing the desk clerks ( or Pursers) was one comprehensive rack listing the type, bedding accommodation, category and much more. The Office sent us slips of paper cut to fit the slot; another fit a separate rotary telephone rack. Yes, tickets did list a stateroom number, but enough movement took place to keep the room rack. Properly used, it was a great deterrent to mistakes and confusion. Then came THE DAY... think it was layup 19990 2000. The room rack was declared redundant in light of the Fidelio onboard management system's success. I fought it, memories still fresh of operating 3 or 4 cruises with a crashed "baby 36" and each of us fighting to get to do the night's hand audit. A picture is worth 1000 words, so here it is in all its glory....
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