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Judy, there are quite a good number of photos in that gallery. As for Laclede's Landing becoming more of an entertainment/tourist spot, my guess is that this took place over time, probably beginning in the 1960s with the construction of the Gateway Arch. It is my understanding that the streets are left from the earlier days when the area was a more industrialized area. The alleys probably give a better clue to the history. The alleys are paved in bricks, rather than cobblestones, and the bricks are stamped by the manufacturer. Thanks to a historic preservation grant from the Federal government (several years behind) the streets are finally being spruced up. The intersection street crossings will now be ADA compliant, but the cobblestones are indeed being saved and reused. And, that is a slow process to re-set all of the stones. But, for the first time in decades, driving on the restored streets will no longer be lead to a car realignment!
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