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*Tragic loss of the SPRAGUE 40 Years Ago*
Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks, Keith, for jolting my memory RE: loss of the SPRAGUE 40 years ago by fire. I saw the SPRAGUE in motion once here on the Ohio--but not under her own steam--being towed up to Pittsburgh for the big civic event. Her huge stermwheel had been fitted not with conventional bucket planks but open wood like slats. Seems to me I 'think' I heard they had to do that to prevent forward movement from rolling the wheel no matter how much they tried to secure it with lashings. Sliding by in the Cincinnati harbor here people gawked, stopped cars to watch.

I'm sure you well remember when Jack and Sandie Custer showed those color movies years ago taken from the DELTA QUEEN the following day as the DQ moved in to land at Vicksburg. The SPRAGUE was still 'hot' and smoldering from the fire. I have here in my junk several short letters, post cards written by Gene Hampton who served on her so long. Hampton was later on the DELTA QUEEN as I am sure a few here remember. That was a LONG time ago now in the scheme of things.

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