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Default Preaching to the choir here

AJ, I don't think you need to urge us to forget the politics, etc. and support the BELLE. I suspect most everyone who actively posts on here will be there to support the event. Even though I fear for the future of the BELLE, knowing some of the politics controlling her, I'll be there 5 days, driving the 846 mile round trip as I do at least twice a year to support both the BELLE and the Howard Museum. As I mentioned in my posting, I've been around the AVALON/BELLE since 1951, and there are others on here who have been with her even longer. Our commitment doesn't waver. We may seem jaded to you, with your 'relative newness' to her, but we are loyal and dependable and will be there, as always, regardless of the missteps in the organizational process.
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