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Originally Posted by Travis Vasconcelos View Post
Is this anything like ACL "eventually really" putting the WASHINGTON calliope on the QUEEN OF THE MISSISSIPPI?

I believe AQSC had an agreement to purchase the boat when they made the first public announcement and like anything of this scope, they had to do their due diligence to close the sale. All that is being reported on here is the closure of the sale. There was nothing underhanded, or suspect about this at any time as your headline might infer.

I can think of other companies who (on the other hand) do things underhanded regularly and publicly. Unlike your typical and negative reference to AQSC here I won't name them directly in this sentence.
Trav - I think this is a case of Franz not being totally aware of some idiomatic forms in English. Remember, English is not his first language, After several conversations and correspondence with him over the years I think he means "finally" instead of "eventually really", which on its face is not a phrase that makes much sense in English. If you substitute "finally" in both the sentence he wrote and the one you quote I think you'll get his real meaning.
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