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*Hudson River Str. MARY POWELL*
Dear Bill Lawton & Steamboating colleagues:
Bill, I just clicked/read your request RE: the fabled Hudson River sidewheeler MARY POWELL perhaps one of the most famous boats of her time on the Hudson River for some 60 years.

If you type in on your computer search engine MARY POWELL, sidewheeler, a farily large number of web sites pop up regarding her along with history, photos and her final demise. I can't recall ever seeing any photos of her "Grand Saloon" but think a number on this web may know more or have seen said interior photos. Our own master model builder John Fryant of S&D and this web may have more information or photos as John and I have discussed the POWELL over the years. In addition there is a model builder back east named Rex Stewart who has rendered the MARY POWELL in model form. Rex also shows up on the web sites with extensive photos, history during the time he constructed the model. Likewise there is a fine soft cover book 'Paddle Wheel Steamers and their GIANT ENGINES,' by Bob Whttier published by Seamaster, Inc., 1987 explaining the development of those 'walking beam' engines and their technology in detail. The POWELL, reflecting the age in which she was built, had her two stacks abaft of her paddle boxes with her boilers mounted 'outside' on the guards--that to direct the possible force of any steam boiler explosion outward in addition to freeing up more interior spaces.My late father recalled seeing a number of steamers back east with walking beam engines, sidewheels on the Hudson and Long Island Sound relating to me how fascinating, awesome they were in operation--not to mention the speed many could obtain on the Hudson River. Good luck in your quest and keep us posted.

R. Dale Flick
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