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Originally Posted by Travis Vasconcelos View Post

I am getting the impression you are favoring ACL over the DQ here. ACL may have a bit of money at stake…but, turning your back on steamboats on a steamboat site? Oh wait, I just realized this has turned into a RIVERSHIP site and TRUE steamboats don't matter anymore. It would be easy for one to assume this from the "Latest News" having nothing to do about STEAMboats anymore. Perhaps ACL should have their own forum now?

Calm down, Travis, and take a deep breath. Dale is just reporting what he has heard. I don't see any particular bias there. I for one think that it's important to know what others are doing. Not to see both sides of a coin and know what is on the flip side can be dangerous. If, and I really don't think so, this has turned into a, "RIVERSHIP site," we're all the better for it!

For what it's worth, speaking of "RIVERSHIPS," I just want to report that the current Love Boat PACIFIC PRINCESS has the same exact chairs in her main dining room that the AMERICAN QUEEN had last July while I was on her.
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