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*You interpret me wrong*
Hi, Travis,
Sorry if my text read different than what I had written with other interpretations. In no way do I favor ACL over the DQ--ever. Read again and see my disclaimer about "not being pure steamboats." Franz, in his web paragraph, mentions "not limited too." You know me, I hope, never to think I'd turn my back on our steamboats or even those here without steam. In short, seeing the 'Active Posters' here sinking, skinking, I just thought it would be of some interest. I'm old enough dating back to the last ISLAND QUEEN along with the DELTA QUEEN from nearly the get-go longer than most here ever knew the DQ, saw her or were even born. Same thing from the very beginning of the initial design, construction, launching, inaugural trip for the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN. I wasn't there because I just happened to fall out of the clouds. C'mon, we're still colleagues and river friends, I hope. Again, as I always say, 'what do I know?' Always feel free to contact me by E=Mail if there's a question or concern about a posting.

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