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*PEARL MIST/ACL connection*
Hi, Travis & Steamboating colleagues:
You make very good points on the PEARL MIST, Travis. At this point, and from the materials, links I found, I still opine the MIST is a part of bigger PEARL CRUISES and possibly not ACL. There are more than one link on Internet with other threads on PEARL CRUISES. Perhaps there's a cooperative effort in this project. [?] It would make sense to build and finish here even in the yard mentioned. Who knows? If...possibly...maybe...VIKING RIVER builds a boat(s) for the rivers here they may do the same with one of our yards. All safety standards are pretty much international under SOLAS. I even wonder if any vessel 'components' were done abroad and shipped here for inclusion in the finishing of the MIST? Most intriguing and I, for one, will keep tuned in and digging. The story ain't over yet. The Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River appealing even with the short season. Also all the major cities in the region with large populations to be 'mined' using target market demographics. These smaller to intermediate size vessels may appeal to those with the disposable income and in light of recent horror stories of the huge mega ocean ships. Also, another Internet link RE: the settlement of the PEARL MIST litigation case may be accessed. Even in the 'old steamboat days' here, records show deals cut between owning steamboat companies etc. with yards to build a boat on a cooperative investment basis between the owners and the builders. Even DENNY BROS. in Dumbarton, Scotland cut a 'deal' to finish and carry the DELTA QUEEN on their books until Capt. Anderson and old Jim Burns could get things up, moving making money. DENNY finished all charging a relatively low annual % rate of, I 'think' around 4%. The curtain hasn't gone up yet on Act II. Well, again, what do I know?

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