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Default *New PEARL MIST to cruise Great Lakes*

Steamboating colleagues:
Though not 'pure steamboats,' this posting gives us an idea as to the changing dynamics afoot in North America not only on our inland rivers but the Great Lakes adding one more factor to the expanding equation in overnight cruise service.

Upscale PEARL CRUISES has announced the entry of their new vessel the PEARL MIST, 210 passengers, now undergoing final finishing touches at 'Chesapeake Shipbuilding' in Salisbury, Marlyand to enter service June 26, 2014. This following a litigation suit now resolved stemming back to 2009. Other seasonal smaller cruise ships have ventured into our Great Lakes in the past years with the cruising season from May to at most October due to the northern climate. The MIST will offer 7, 10, 11 days cruises on the lakes, St. Lawrence River before repositioning in Florida and the Caribbean during the winter. One beautifully designed vessel with sensible lines. My only comment upon viewing the new MIST is her stern quarter with the bank of windows and the relatively low freeboard to the waterline. I hope her designers understood how the Great Lakes can be like the ocean during storms and high waves.

The last great cruise steamships were the famed NORTH AMERICAN & SOUTH AMERICAN laid up long ago due to age and the then impending Safety At Sea legislation. And what beautiful vessels they were.

You may access their site by typing in PEARL MIST or PERAL CRUISES or: http//

Would I be in error wondering how 'thin' the pie can be cut in the growing cruise business on our rivers and the Great Lakes? Competition can be a good thing. Well, again, what do I know?

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