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Default Kentucky Lake Soapbox

Besides money, one of my frustrations was trying to get the boat's schedule to line up with my work schedule. The concept of staying based for an extended time in Cincinnati for a series of weekly Kentucky Lake trips models the weekly milk runs of many blue water ships. This format also also the passenger to take advantage of Southwest Airlines or other round trip airlines (or maybe drive?) without having to do an open jaw return trip. Then the boat could do a repositioning cruise to move to the next extended home base port.

I also recall that AQ was fairly successful staying put in NOLA for a series of 3/4 night introductory cruises. One or our .orgers noted this was hard on the crew but well received for marketing and purposes.

As far as access to travel markets I wonder how the trips from Ottawa, IL worked to reach the Chicago market? I would also think staying in Pittsburgh for a while would be helpful to reach the east coast markets?


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