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Default Travel time

Greg, if you are going by the times posted on the Corps Locks website, those aren't always accurate as to when a boat leaves a lock. They've got fancy new technology instead of having the lockmaster record it, and you'll notice that sometimes a boat spends a couple of hours inside a lock, according to the SOL and EOL times listed. Now that isn't to say the QoM didn't go faster, I wasn't chasing her today. She arrived at 15 a little after noon and was all stop over at Oneida by 1. She was supposed to leave at 5:30 tonight, headed up to Dubuque. According to where the AQ was last listed, I figure they'll pass each other around mile 513 around 9:30 tonight. I'll be over at Oneida whenever the AQ arrives, I'm guessing about 2 AM...
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