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Right you are, Jim. However, it can be looked at from the standpoint of comparing this project to building a new vessel, and setting up a new company to run passenger cruises. Not only has that been done, but it has been done recently. I'm no numbers person in any way, form or fashion, but logic tells me that if a company can build a new boat and operate it at some sort of profit (after a period of recouping startup costs), the proposed operators of the DQ can do the same thing. Yes, it will take a great deal of money, but as we know, it will still be cheaper than building a new boat, no matter how you look at it. All you have to do is look at the millions of dollars towing companies have spent in the last decade or so buying old towboats and taking them down to a shell, re-powering them and re-fitting from the bilge up. A different business, to be sure, but I think the principle is applicable.

As far as "how much would we be willing to spend", I personally would have to make that judgement when the time came. I still think that with the proper marketing of the product there would be customers, but as Dale would say, "what do I know"?
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