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Years ago, at Emery, we burned, primarily, pulverized coal. We had an electrostatic particle precipitator and you might see some heat refraction at the stack but zero emissions This was true also when we burned oil, which was bunker C. It HAD to be cheaper to put up with the heating requirements, and messy, stinky, handling problems. Think molasses in January for viscosity at room temperature and on a cold day... We kept steam on the 400,000 gal (I think) storage tank 24/7/365 so as to reduce the viscosity to where we could pump it. We also atomized with steam...and air when starting up. In latter years, we were required to burn what we called No.4, which was a blend of No. 6 (Bunker C) and No.2 (diesel). This was due to sulfur emissions...not particulates (smoke). What the requirements were for mobile sources, I have no idea. Cap'n Walnut
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