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Nori, it's more like gallons per mile!!! The boilers in the DQ are her original WW1 Navy Destroyer type surplus boilers. While these boilers and the tanks are setup for use with heavy "Bunker C" (#6 fuel oil) with tank heaters, you can also burn any diesel fuel (#2 fuel oil) in the boiler using the same burners and pumps. the #2 burns cleaner and is easier to keep a clear stack, it also does not require pre-heating in order to atomize it at the burner. However, the much less refined #6 is cheaper than #2 and thus the reason the DQ has always burned primarily #6 or some form of blended fuel that was cheaper than #2. When the DQ was originally built, everything on the boat required steam. All the pumps, equipment, main engines and most demanding the steam dynamos for generating electricity.

The steam demand now is primarily the main engines, with a few pieces of auxiliary equipment and heating coils for the house heat. The reduced demand for steam, combined with modern technology in boiler and furnace (firebox) design has resulted in much more efficient package boilers that will more than meet the DQ's needs while consuming much less fuel and lowering her overall operating costs.

To answer Jim's original question, the new boilers will have to meet the current emissions standards that apply to steam powered vessels as determined by the USCG and the EPA.
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